Presentations & Lectures

Kick-start project days, staff meetings or CSR activities in local councils, institutions and organisations with a customised presentation on homelessness. It is also possible to supplement these events with personal  tales of homeless and field visits.

As part of our contribution to the homeless debate, it is important to us to be able to offer lectures and presentations on homelessness. Generally, projekt UDENFOR is in demand of a wide range of companies, professional organisations,parochial church councils, clubs, user groups and private organisations as well as foreign visitors to Denmark.

Here are some examples of some of the presentations and lectures, which we are presently offering:

Voluntary social work: challenges and possibilities

Marginalisation in the modern society

Conditions of upbringing and exclusion

Social vulnerability in relation to poverty, homelessness and social politics

Inequality in public health

Are socially vulnerable people to be found outside the big cities?

The city, the housing and social and health inequality

The socially vulnerable people meet the system. What benefits or impedes positive progress?

We take the temperature of homelessness in Copenhagen AT THIS MOMENT!

To find the challenge where hopelessness is most conspicuous – experience from special initiatives for the weakest citizens

From client to citizen; an ever changing part. A social-political journey through 30 years among vulnerable citizens in social services

Why do you become homeless and is there a way back?

What can we learn from homeless? A portrait of people on the streets who we came across

Homelessness in a literary context

Those who missed the train: Homelessness in the welfare society

Socially vulnerable people – being left out

The development of social psychiatry during the past three decades

Social in equality in health and conditions of life

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The Homeless Youth Situation in the United States

Youth homelessness is not an isolated issue but rather a systematic societal problem - sources estimate that between 500,000 and 2.8 million youth are homeless within the United States each year.

Women who are exposed to violence risk becoming homeless

Homelessness is often the result of an interplay between several factors, of which violence is just one of many risk factors. Violence multiplies a woman's risk of falling into homelessness because violence typically starts a chain reaction in many other areas of life, which may lead to exclusion and homelessness.

Report on Homeless Migrants in Copenhagen

Homeless migrants have few rights, just as this is a group of homeless people about which very little documented knowledge exists. This report describes the experiences Fonden projekt UDENFOR has had in relation to homeless migrants, som that – hopefully – it can contribute to qualifying the future social work.

Buy the Poster from the Seminar on Homeless Women

Many people have asked us whether it is possible to buy the poster from the seminar on 12th May: ’Women on the Bottom of Denmark - When Vulnerability has a Gender’. Now you can purchase the poster in A3 size (30x42 cm) at DKK 50. Send a mail and...

A Sick Difference – About the Unhealthy Homelessness

In DR1’s documentary series on inequality within health, the focus is on the difference in the health of the rich and the poor,  as we have already reported,  we know a lot about the special conditions of the socially vulnerable people, who are also...

A Sick Difference – What to Do about the Inequality?

Presently, DR runs a series of documentaries about social inequality within health, showing the ever larger difference between rich and poor in Denmark. The poor people gets more ill and see their GP more than the rich people. The gulf between those who...

Homeless Reforms are Necessary

The government is planning political talks in the autumn of 2016 concerning a reform of the Service Act. As part of the regulation of significance to the homeless initiatives, we can only welcome reforms. Through the past seven years, where the extent...

Thoughts of a Street-based Worker

“In Denmark you choose being homeless”. That is the view of many Danish people and is also what I often hear in my work on the streets. Self-imposed homelessness, neglect, substance abuse and mental issues are most people's answer to questions of...

Seminar: Women at Rock-Bottom of Denmark – Homelessness with a Gender

On 12th May is the date of projekt UDENFOR's seminar on homeless women. Meet a street-based worker, a head of institution and an artist, all contributing to the seminar. Ida Devald Ida Devald is a social worker and member of the street-based...

Report from a Night Watch

The night between Thursday and Friday last, two of our street-based staff were on night duty. We do that on a continuous basis to help the people of the streets and to get a perspective on who are sleeping rough. The purpose is always to see whether...

Are the Danish People Changing their View on Homelessness?

Late 2015, the Rådet for Socialt Udsatte (Council of Socially Vulnerable People) published a survey of the Danish people's view of socially vulnerable people. The survey was carried out by the consultancy company Epinion on the basis of asking 1,013...

Joining the Police on the Streets

For the past eighteen months, street-based staff from projekt UDENFOR have been accompanied by students from the police academy on the streets. As part of their training, the future police officers spend a day together with a street-based worker to...

What the Danish People Think of Homelessness

  Late in 2015, the Rådet for Socialt Udsatte (Council of Socially Vulnerable People) published a survey of the Danish people's attitude towards socially vulnerable citizens. The survey was carried out by the consultancy company Opinion,...


Er der mon forskel på hvad mænd og kvinder ved og mener om udsatte og hjemløse?


Warning - Social Security Cap and Homelessness The new social security cap has been carried by a majority of the Danish parliament and thus it has deliberately been decided that more people will become poor. Most homeless people will not be...

Project Day on Homelessness at the Birkelund School

Today, the pupils in 7th Grade at the Birkelund School at Holstebro can look forward to an exciting and instructive project day on homelessness. The programme of the day has been prepared by the teachers of the school in order to challenge the pupils...

SEMINAR – projekt UDENFOR focuses on the conditions of homeless women

Thursday, 12th May 2016 from 9.00 to 12.00 On the occasion of the International Womens' Conference Women Deliver this year in Copenhagen, projekt UDENFOR sends out invitations to a seminar with introductions and debate about the conditions of...

Arbejder du med kvinders hjemløshed i en kunstnerisk sammenhæng?

Og kunne du tænke dig at formidle din kunst på et seminar om kvinders hjemløshed, som projekt UDENFOR arrangerer i maj? Så kontakt uddannelsesansvarlig Jane Laustsen på og hør mere.

Preben Brandt´s page: ’Poverty homelessness'

Through the past decades, it has constantly been the residing Minister for Employment who has been in charge of the part of the social policy, which has included social benefits. Therefore it has been stated over and over again that working should pay off.

At least 80 rough sleepers in Copenhagen on a random night in week 6, 2016

The night between Thursday and Friday last week, 14 staff members of the homeless organisation projekt UDENFOR and the homeless unit of the City of Copenhagen took to the streets. The purpose was to look for and count how many people had to sleep...

International Work of projekt UDENFOR

On 16th February 2016, a conference will be held at the European Parliament called – ”Homelessness among mobile EU-citizens” The conference is a cooperation between two members of the European...

Nightly Count of Rough Sleepers in Copenhagen

In week 6, it was the 1-year anniversary of SFI's (the Danish National Centre for Social Research) national homeless count. A count that takes place every second year. As a supplement of these counts, it is a tradition that projekt UDENFOR carries out...

Thoughts subsequent to reading the SFI report 15:41, December 2015: ”Family Background and Social Marginalisation in Denmark”.

By Preben Brandt, Januar 2016 Not for a second you should doubt that it is important knowing the entire life story of a human being in order to understands its circumstances of living. Therefore, the research forming the background of this SFI report...

Yippee – Everything’s Working Perfectly!

Last week, projekt UDENFOR's Mobile Café received a donation from the company Modul-System HH A/S . This has equipped the Mobile Café so that it is top-tuned and ready for delivering food to...

Knowledge that makes a difference!

For almost twenty years, projekt UDENFOR has conveyed knowledge and facts on homelessness. Abroad and in almost all corners of Denmark. We do it with great pleasure because every time we experience that our audience obtains new knowledge of...