a home outside – exhibition at aros


In August around 12 young homeless people are participating in the art project A home OUTSIDE, which is a collaborative project between projekt UDENFOR, the artists Jens Haaning and Mikkel Carl and the museum ARoS in Aarhus. The project consists of several workshops taking place at ARoS Public. A home OUTSIDE culminates with an exhibition and vernissage on Saturday 19th of August from 2pm to 4pm.

The aim of the project is to provide young homeless people with a space, where they can work with and develop their creative talents with inspiration and support from a professional artist and finally exhibit at a museum. Using art as a way of expression we wish to draw attention to and create dialogue about the young people who experience to live stand outside society, says director of ARoS Museum, Erlend G. Høyersten.

The project involves young people who due to homelessness live on the streets, in basements, in parks, on couches at friends’ places, in a bike trailer, a tent or a shed. These young people often find themselves outside the community of the welfare society.

Through the art project the young talents of the streets get the opportunity to show their ideas of what a home means for them. How do they feel homeliness?
Art is a way of expressing personal feelings and experiences that are difficult to talk about, says Curator of Art and Education and responsible of the project, Birgit Pedersen, ARoS.

With this project we wish to create a more inclusive society that allows the people standing outside to enter. At least, in the time the project takes place – but hopefully longer.

It is our experience that it is important for young homeless people to get away from the street milieu to a place where they can concentrate on other things than how to get the next meal or finding a place to sleep. At the same time, the creative process can be a way of finding direction and meaning in a life characterized by chaos and hopelessness, says street worker in projekt UDENFOR, Tine Vesterbøg.

The vernissage takes place Saturday the 19th of August from 2pm to 4pm.

Jens Haaning (1965). Educated from the Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts in 1994. He got his international break through the 1990’s. His works are part of collections all over the world. In Denmark his work is showed at e.g. The National Gallery of Art and ARoS in Aarhus. He has exhibitioned a broad range of places, amongst others at Moma Ps1 in New York City and Moscow Museum of Modern Art.

Mikkel Carl (1976). He has a Master Of Fine Arts from The Royal Danish Academy Of Fine Arts and a bachelor degree of History Of Ideas from Aarhus University. He is a member of the Advisory Board for The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and the Danish Arts Foundation’s Committee of Visual Arts Grants Funding. He has a long record of exhibitions, both in Denmark and internationally, and his art is currently to be seen at the museum Gl. Strand with the installation BAD MOON RISING.

If you have any questions regarding the exhibition, contact Tine Versterbøg at tve@udenfor.dk or Margit Ernst at me@udenfor.dk.

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