Campaign spot to bring focus to the causes of and person behind homelessness

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Homeless woman Mette has not had a chance. At the tender age of 14, she was left on the streets of Copenhagen by her mother with the message to fend for herself.

Mette is the main character in the latest campaign spot for projekt UDENFOR. From today, Monday April 15th, and two weeks ahead, the campaign will set focus on the person behind and the causes of homelessness.

“The current social policy and the social political debate is often very dominated by a labor market rhetoric and a growing focus on “the citizens’ own responsibility”. At projekt UDENFOR we see a need to focus on the whole and complex human being that we often face in social work. If one wants to show respect and understanding towards a socially exposed person, one must meet this person, where they are, rather than through the perspective of “everyone is the master of his own fate”. There are always a number of causes that lead to becoming homeless,” says Bibi Agger, deputy manager and trade union leader at projekt UDENFOR.

The campaign spot about Mette will be featured in all cinemas in the Copenhagen Metropolitan Area from April 18th to 25th, and will be available for viewing on this website, our Facebook page, and a special campaign site that lets one enter by scanning using one’s smart phone.

Mads Kold from the communications agency LoweFriends, photographers Søren Hald og Martin Top Jacobsen, as well as ParaFilm and Welcome Post, have produced the campaign spot about Mette, along with the 3 short documentaries about projekt UDENFOR’s outreach work for the homeless people who are the most exposed.

”By learning more about the work of projekt UDENFOR with the homeless people, the team discovered a new insight into the work that few know about; that when it comes to their lives, a lot of homeless people often get off to the worst start – worse than one could imagine. With this insight and the story about Mette, we were able to create a different and moving film for projekt UDENFOR,” says Mads Kold, creative director at the communication agency LoweFriends.”

In connection with the campaign the restaurant chain FAMO has offered to help projekt UDENFOR put focus on those homeless people who are most exposed by donating 100 Danish kroner per sold menu in one of its three restaurants. This happening runs from today Monday April 15th to Sunday April 21st.

Keep an eye out for projekt UDENFOR’s campaign cardboard signs with QR-codes, which will be found the next two weeks at cafés, libraries, educational institutions etc. around Copenhagen.

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