Conference to Pave the Way for Knowledge on Migration


The worldwide organisation PICUM whose field of work is migration has invited projekt UDENFOR to participate in and give a presentation at a conference on homeless migrants in Europe Friday, 28th June. The purpose of the conference is to strengthen the dialogue between politicians and interest groups in the field regarding the issues of homeless migrants as well as future political strategies concerning the increasing amount of homeless migrants in Europe. Projekt UDENFOR’s street-based worker Bo Heide-Jochimsen regards the invitation to participate and give a presentation at the conference as a pat on the back, especially as projekt UDENFOR is not yet a member of  PICUM, but regards PICUM as an important future partner in the area of homeless migrants.

”We are strong when it comes to the issue of homeless people and that will also be our contribution to the conference. On the other hand, we have much to learn about migration and this conference, and hopefully, a future membership may strengthen this position, something which is essential in a time where we see more and more homeless people on the streets,” Bo Heide-Jochimsen states.

Based on experience from his many years as an outreach street-based worker of projekt UDENFOR he appoints the homeless migrants to be the presently most exposed group of homeless people on the streets.

”Often these people have the same physical, mental and abuse issues as the traditional Danish homeless, they just have no rights whatsoever, and the political will to take their need in earnest and act on an European level does not exist,” states Bo Heide-Jochimsen, hoping that the conference will pave the way for projekt UDENFOR to obtain more knowledge on migration and that the conference may also plant the seeds, however insignificant, towards political action as far as homeless migrants are concerned.

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