Extracts from Night Duty: Night Watchmen on the Trains


03:51 am: The stars are bright tonight. Although spring is on its way, the frost bites slightly in our cheeks. We have already seen about 14 homeless people well tucked into their sleeping bags. In one of the city’s fast-food restaurants, we met a young bloke, whom we have worried about for some time.

06:33 am: We chose to spend the latter part of our night duty on the trains to see who and how many homeless people are profiting from the warmth and rest that the trains may offer.

As perhaps some of the few, projekt UDENFOR’s street-based workers report on Facebook during their night duty. In addition, as some of the few players in the homeless area in the urban space at night, we have a unique possibility to report on both atmosphere and knowledge of homeless behaviour and special needs, which invoke our attention at night. During the night duty, we report from one or two selected spots on our route.

The report tells about the atmosphere in the streets and our possible effort to help users in need. We also report on worrying behaviour of the homeless people.


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