Homelessness in the EU


The conclusions drawn by the independent jury at the Consensus Conference in December 2010 regarding homelessness has now been collected, presenting a report with various political recommendations. Below, the report and other relevant documents and additional information about the conference can be downloaded.

Projekt UDENFOR attended the European Consensus Conference regarding homelessness in Brussels, in December 2010.

The conference was held in connection with the European Presidency of Belgium, cooperating with the European Commission and the European umbrella organisation of NGO’s concerning homelessness, FEANTSA.

The conference was aimed at creating mutual understanding regarding the fundamentals of homelessness, thus creating a future perspective battling the challenges of homelessness at a common European level.

Projekt UDENFOR contributed to the conference through documentation presented by Preben Brandt, concerning ‘to what extent the citizenship and legal position of homeless people should influence their right receiving the help/services aimed at this group? An enclosure of his contribution can be read here.

One of the conclusions drawn by the independent jury states that access to help/services should not be used as a means of controlling migration. Furthermore, the service providers should not be penalized when helping people in need.

Political forces in Denmark have worked at keeping homeless foreigners away by denying them overnight access to public shelters. This group of people has been purposely ignored, thus expecting them to leave the country. Having the recommendations presented by the European Consensus Conference we set forward a combined plea to increase our cooperation across borders and a change of praxis in general – this counts for Denmark as well. Projekt UDENFOR puts a lot of faith in these political recommendations gaining some hearing, Ninna Hoegh, Chief of Secretary states.