Ticket coupons have just been discontinued and the costs of the alternatives are paid by the weakest



The discontinuation of the ticket coupons does not only imply a considerable extra bill in connection with purchase of one-way tickets, which homeless and socially vulnerable people already have difficulties paying – the possible alternatives to the ticket coupons; mobile ticket coupons and travel cards also require digital abilities and possession of a mobile phone, credit cards and an address.

As of last Sunday, 8th February, you can no longer buy the old, well-known cardboard ticket coupons and from this date, it will only be possible to travel by one-way tickets, travel cards, mobile ticket coupons or tickets. Director of the homeless organisation projekt UDENFOR, Ninna Hoegh worries.

”Unfortunately, we predict that this will have distorting consequences as the ticket coupon alternatives either increase the travel costs or require that the traveller has got a mobile phone, a smartphone, an address or a back account – something which homeless have got,” stresses Ninna Hoegh, who also fears that the homeless will drown in the flood of fines, which the abolition of the ticket coupon may leave behind.

”You can easily imagine that an increase in costs, which the homeless do not have funds to pay, together with the digital challenges, may have as consequence that several will have to abstain from buying a ticket.”

The street-based people of projekt UDENFOR often have to pay for the tickets of the homeless via their own Smartphone, as the homeless often do not own a Smartphone. This will be an increasing tendency as it is no longer physically possible to get a Smartphone.

projekt UDENFOR is hoping that Movia will consider alternative, and realistic, solutions for the homeless just as tourists have been provided with special tickets. ”For instance, could you imagine introducing a special ticket for homeless that they are able to both buy and pay,” Ninna Hoegh suggests.