On 16th February 2016, a conference will be held at the European Parliament called – ”Homelessness among mobile EU-citizens
The conference is a cooperation between two members of the European Parliament and FEANTSA, the European umbrella organisation of organisations working with homelessness.

The purpose of the day is to introduce various perspectives of homelessness among vulnerable EU citizens. There will be presentations on legal issues in connection with homeless EU citizens as well as presentations on how the various countries work with the target group.

The purpose of the conference is also to contribute to creating better understanding of how complex European homelessness is in 2016. “One thing is certain, we are facing a permanent problem to which we must relate in a qualified and varied manner, and where there are no easy solutions,” says Bibi Agger, professional leader and deputy manager of projekt UDENFOR. She emphasises that there is a need both of longterm solutions and specifically support and guidance to the people in question.

Bo Heide-Jochimsen, one of the street-based workers of projekt UDENFOR participates in the conference. He is also a member of FEANTSA’s migration group and has been working with vulnerable EU citizens living on the streets of Copenhagen for many years. At the conference, Bo is to present an example of how projekt UDENFOR is doing street-based outreach work with the target group as well as the conditions of the people that he is working with.

The migrants in question are particularly vulnerable and face great challenges in connection with mental illness, abuse, a rough childhood etc., and very seldomly have the opportunity to get the help, they need when they end up on the streets of a European capital such as Copenhagen. Bo Heide-Jochimsen is looking forward to the conference and he points out “I am pleased that the parliamentarians are now interested in the area and I expect that they are willing to come up with constructive solutions for the vulnerable group of people”.

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