Joining the Police on the Streets

Sidste nyt

For the past eighteen months, street-based workers from projekt UDENFOR have been accompanied by students from the police academy on the streets.

As part of their training, the future police officers spend a day together with a street-based worker to gain insight in the life on the streets and to be presented with the view on homelessness based on which, projekt UDENFOR works.

The police is one of the professions that, in general, has most contact with the people on the streets both for better and for worse.

The staff of projekt UDENFOR is very pleased with the cooperation with the police academy. We have met inquisitive and dedicated police students who sincerely want to learn about the conditions of the homeless people and the background of why some people end up on the streets.

Dialogue is the road of profound understanding and profound understanding may possibly prevent conflicts between the homeless people and the police.

Police training has just been shortened from three to two years and projekt UDENFOR hopes that there will still be time for the students to spend time with our street-based workers.


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