Knowledge that makes a difference!


For almost twenty years, projekt UDENFOR has conveyed knowledge and facts on homelessness.

Abroad and in almost all corners of Denmark.

We do it with great pleasure because every time we experience that our audience obtains new knowledge of homelessness and the life conditions of homeless people.

Some of our audience not only gain new knowledge, but are surprised and touched by some of the things, they hear and see.

This was the situation on 14th January,  when we visited the 10th form at a continuation school on Funen together with a homeless. After our visit, the teachers evaluated the project afternoon together with the pupils. Read what some of the pupils subsequently told about their impressions:

  • I have got a new view on and impression of homelessness. It is much harder than you think and you do not have to sit in the streets to be homeless
  • Previously, I was convinced that most homeless people had involuntarily ended on the streets due to poverty. I know now that there are many reasons for becoming homeless such as i.e. mental illness and couch surfing
  • I have changed my view on homelessness (from being self-inflicted and dangerous to unlucky and possibly unhappy)
  • I was surprised that you could end up on the streets for so many different reasons
  • It was very interesting to gain a special insight from a person on the other side of society. How it is being alone on the streets and managing in a tough and cold environment
  • I was also deeply affected by meeting a homeless


If your school or educational institution would also like a visit from projekt UDENFOR? Please get in touch with the person responsible for education with projekt UDENFOR, Jane Laustsen on or 6155 7156 and hear what we can offer.

With the communication and education as far as homelessness is concerned, we aim at giving the audience a possibility to form an opinion of homelessness, on a varied and well-informed basis.