Large Donation gives important vitamin supplement to the homeless at The Mobile Café


Projekt UDENFOR’s refrigerator is filled with fruit and vegetables after Kaj, who has been a long time in the homeless business, has donated the first but fortunately not the last supply of fruit and vegetables to projekt UDENFOR. On his own initiative, Kaj has made an agreement with REMA 1000 to collect ditched fruit and vegetables, which he delivers to the kitchens of several social organisations.

In the future, Kaj will therefore, for free, deliver ingredients to projekt UDENFOR every Thursday. In projekt UDENFOR Trine Dahl Jensen, who cooks for the homeless people at The Mobile Café on a daily basis, is thrilled that she is now able to offer fruit and vegetables to the homeless people.

“Fruit and vegetables contains good and essential vitamins of which most homeless people have a deficit,” says Trine who is also pleased that good and nutritious food that would otherwise have been ditched, becomes a boon to the target group of projekt UDENFOR.

Trine has just rinsed 40 trays of cherries and put the contents in small bags to be handed out to the guests of The Mobile Café in the streets. Of the 40 trays, she only had to ditch 20 cherries.