LivetSomSenior (LifeAsSenior) Donates Sanitary Towels to projekt UDENFOR and the Homeless Women on the Street

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Homeless women have other and more needs than homeless men. Some menstruate and need protection. They do not ask for help themselves and we know from experience that, due to shortage and lacking access to menstrual protection, they use towels and tampons longer than health related justifiable.

Consequently, projekt UDENFOR is very grateful that LivetSomSenior has chosen to support projekt UDENFOR through a donation of Tena sanitary towels to the homeless women of Copenhagen.

LivetSomSenior is an internet, selling aids for elderly people such as Zimmer frames, Tena products, walking sticks and similar items. 

Through this donation, the volunteers of projekt UDENFOR will be able to extend the damage reducing effort among homeless women to include sanitary and proper menstrual protection. 

Research show that, when it comes to health, homeless women are in a worse condition than homeless men are. Women are more often exposed to illness and pains than men are. projekt UDENFOR meets some of the homeless women through the Mobile Café that every day delivers hot meals to the homeless, sleeping rough in Copenhagen. Besides the hot meal, which for some homeless is the only meal of the day, we try to help with damage reducing efforts that now include handing out sanitary towels to the homeless women of the street.

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