Lisbeth Pilegaard
Photo: Jens Juul

From September 2018, Lisbeth Pilegaard will be taking the helm of project OUTSIDE (projekt UDENFOR), heading the organisation’s efforts to improve conditions for vulnerable homeless people in Denmark.


There is a lot of change taking place in the area of homelessness in these years, both in terms of new groups of homeless people and new ways of organising interventions. With our new executive director on board, we are ready to take on new challenges and further develop the organisation” says founder and chair of the board, MD psychiatrist Preben Brandt.

Lisbeth Pilegaard has over 20 years’ experience in leadership and development of humanitarian organisations in Denmark and abroad. She spent the last five years working as a senior consultant and strategic advisor to the UN, the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and various Danish and international NGOs, and she is the acting chairperson of the European democracy foundation EED, the European Endowment for Democracy. Before establishing Pilegaard Consulting in 2013, she held managerial roles in several organisations such as the Norwegian Refugee Council and the Danish Centre for Gender, Gender Equality and Diversity’s Middle East and North Africa department. Lisbeth was appointed advisor to the UN’s Global Compact City Programme and has worked as an expert advisor for the UN High-Level Panel on Humanitarian Financing.

Lisbeth has extensive experience from her many years of international humanitarian work to improve conditions for vulnerable persons, and it is on that basis that she can contribute to project OUTSIDE is strengthened in terms of our fundamental values while also paving the way for innovation in relation to our various interventions for homelessness in Denmark, as well as our involvement in international partnerships,” says Preben Brandt.

Lisbeth Pilegaard looks forward to heading project OUTSIDE and embarking on the coming processes aimed at further developing the organisation.

I’ve seen the harsh consequences of losing one’s home, residence and sometimes also one’s dignity. I believe that Denmark can take the lead in preventing homelessness and creating better conditions for vulnerable citizens. project OUTSIDE helps spread knowledge and understanding of vulnerable groups through practical street-level work and through providing interdisciplinary perspectives for political agendas aimed at homelessness. I look forward to further expanding this work together with the rest of the organisation,” says Lisbeth Pilegaard.

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