New MHE (Mental Health Europe) report on homeless with serious mental disorder


Not only in Denmark are homeless people with mental disorders in a squeeze. The same goes for the rest of Europe, and the problems that the homeless people face, are mostly the same no matter how the social and healthcare systems are organised.

This stands to read in the report: “ACCESS TO SERVICES BY PEOPLE WITH SEVERE MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS WHO ARE HOMELESS” formulated for the organisation Mental Health Europe by a working group, chaired by projekt UDENFOR.

Good cooperation between the social system and the health system is essential. Addicts with mental health problems may be difficult to help but this does not mean that they are to be forgotten.

These are some of the recommendations of the report and everybody may well consent to these. But without access to the services this is no help at all. The report deals with this difficult issue. Many homeless people with serious mental disorders have difficulty obtaining social and health security.

Their exclusion restrain the homeless people, but there is not a single, and not a simple one at that, reason for this.

There are many reasons and they are to be found with the individual as in the systems and in the cooperation between systems. The report emphasises that you should regard the difficulties accessing the system as the result of bad adaptation between the user and the systems. Being barred access implies discrepancy between support system and user.

Instead of speaking of exclusion, there is potential in speaking of a service, which is not able to or even to omit ensuring inclusion of citizens whom they are committed to treat and provide with social security.

The report stresses that there is a need for social investment to enhance welfare in a wide, humanistic context, and at that welfare that is not controlled and measured by financial considerations.

Resources must be available to deal with this unfair kind of exclusion and lack of inclusion even though the return of these investments is delayed or may never come, and therefore cannot provide instant political visibility.

Reading the report may open eyes and inspire the instigation of new and better efforts and surrendering poor and unworthy efforts.

Maybe the reading may also give cause for some to tell about the good Danish initiatives that might inspire others in Europe.

Read the report here.

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