projekt UDENFOR and the Municipality of Copenhagen Continue Their Excellent Cooperation


The visit of Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor, to the Mobile Café, and the meeting of the Lord Mayor, the mayor of social affairs and the daily management of projekt UDENFOR on Monday, was concluded by a handshake on a continued cooperation concerning the most vulnerable homeless. 

As the most natural thing in this world, we start talking about Greenland and the village in which the homeless Thomas grew up. Very soon, it turns out that the Lord Mayor, Frank Jensen, is virtually an expert on Greenland as he has visited Greenland no less than 51 times on official business. A few minutes ago, projekt UDENFOR’s Mobile Café rolled into Østerport Station, the Lord Mayor in the passenger seat. This Monday, he helps distributing food to the homeless people, who get their daily meal from The Mobile Café. This evening, he hands out six helpings of lasagna before settling down, in a talkative mood near the bicycle stand together with the homeless present.

In the afternoon, back in the office the evening’s outing into the reality of the streets with The Mobile Café had, of course, not yet taken place. This does not mean, that the Lord Mayor, the Mayor of Social Affairs, and the daily management of projekt UDENFOR do not agree on the special challenge of the homeless area. The talk falls on the increasing number of young homeless people, the great lack of housing as well as the especially vulnerable foreign homeless where the Municipality of Copenhagen and projekt UDENFOR, through the Transit Programme, are cooperating. 

Following the afternoon’s meeting, director of projekt UDENFOR, Ninna Hoegh, and deputy manager and professional leader, Bibi Agger, are pleased to note that both mayors acknowledge the outreach effort towards the most vulnerable people on the streets. An effort, where projekt UDENFOR is looking forward to working with the Municipality of Copenhagen, when they invite the representatives of the local authorities along for the nightly count in September where the local authorities of Frederiksberg will also be participating.