projekt UDENFOR continues the practical training cooperation with the Police Academy

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”This in an example of how to store your belongings when you are sleeping rough,” says the street-based worker of projekt UDENFOR and points at a bundle of personal belongings packed into a large, transparent plastic bag and placed in the stairs leading to a basement. They did not get far beyond the entrance door to the address at Ravnsborggade before the conversation between the street-based worker and the probationer became quite specific.

That is how it was last year in December when Sune from the Police Academy had his one-day practical training with projekt UDENFOR. A successful cooperation between the Police Academy and projekt UDENFOR continuing with four trainee visits – the first time today.


The probationers who get this one-day training with projekt UDENFOR, are all in their final year at the Police Academy, and subsequently it is one of their final chances of obtaining knowledge of the target group homeless and socially vulnerable. A target group, which the students will meet in their work on the streets as fully-fledged police officers.

”I hope to be better prepared to understand the people behind homelessness so that I am better equipped to embrace and solve the cases that might come up in my future encounter with socially vulnerable people,” Sune said last year and emphasises that good police work in connection with vulnerable groups first and foremost rests on a good and broad cooperation with the relevant authorities working with the homeless. For this purpose, he had donned the warm winter jacket to be ready for his seven hour meeting with the streets and the people on it.  Initially as a three-hour walk together with a street-based work and later on a drive with The Mobile Café of projekt UDENFOR.

First stop of the planned route was a visit to projekt UDENFOR’s Locker Room, where the most vulnerable homeless have a possibility of storing their belongings. Next stop was ‘Den Sorte Gryde’ (the Black Cauldron), where Sune had the possibility to meet some of the many homeless people, who gets a meal there.

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