projekt UDENFOR (project OUTSIDE) is happy that homeless migrants are being discussed on a conference about the homeless strategy


So far discussions and solutions in connection to the increasing number of homeless migrants, who live on the streets in Denmark, has been met with a wall of silence by the politicians. This silence was, however, breached during yesterday’s conference on the homeless strategy, projekt UDENFOR is pleased to say.

For a long time projekt UDENFOR has attempted to get the attention of the politicians, in order to discuss and launch viable options for the increasing number of migrants living on the streets in Denmark. Finally we have had a breakthrough. During the homeless strategy conference panel debate, the politicians gave constructive and promising statements about securing help for the marginalized homeless people, regardless of their nationality.

“People must be helped, while they are here. No one should freeze to death on the streets, no matter if they are here legally or illegally”, said Eyvind Hesselbo (Liberal Party), spokesperson on social services affairs.

The same positive recognition was made by, Jakob Bjerregaard (Social Democratic Party), member of the Social Services Committee.

“Foreign homeless people also need a shelter to sleep in. We live in a global world, which causes the nature of homelessness to change. Therefore we need to create permanent solutions”, said Jacob Bjerregaard during the panel debate yesterday.

Bibi Agger, Deputy Director in projekt UDENFOR, sees it as a positive sign that homeless migrants were also mentioned at the conference, even though they are not a part of the homeless strategy.

“It shows that politicians and professionals are becoming aware that we face a growing target group among marginalized people in Denmark that we cannot close our eyes to.  In projekt UDENFOR we have gathered important experience regarding homeless migrants over the last couple of years. From our work we know that in this group there are people with great social problems, who are extremely marginalized. These are people that a new homeless strategy also should relate to”, says Bibi Agger, Deputy Director in projekt UDENFOR. Despite that she is still happy that the politicians have finally have started talking to the central actors in the homeless field about the homeless migrants.

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