Students of Food & Nutrition Competes in Preparing the Best Meal for Homeless people


Saturday, students from the Nutrition & Health Studies of the Metropol compete in comparing the best meal for homeless people. The competition takes place in Ørsted Parken in Copenhagen on Saturday, 7th March at 13:30. The initiative comes from projekt UDENFOR’s two previous Nutrition & Health students, Trine Dahl Jensen and Sofie Kongsgaard, from the University College Metropol and is a part of their final bachelor thesis.

Generally, Trine Dahl Jensen and Sofie Kongsgaard want to generate a number of healthy and nutritious meals targeted at homeless people.

“Many homeless people suffer from one or more diseases and often their immune system is weakened. Life on the streets is hard and many often only get one meal a day. This sets the standards high for this meal. It has therefore been interesting for us to look into the kind of food offered at selected drop-in centres around Copenhagen. Based on this knowledge, we have been inspired to set up this event as well as a cooperation between projekt UDENFOR and the Nutrition and Health Study,” says Trine Dahl Jensen.

The overriding purpose of the event is to create a framework for the students of the Nutrition & Health Studies to generate healthy and nutritious meals for homeless people. The competition is therefore an opportunity for the students groups to come up with a dish aimed at the homeless people and their particular health issues. The meals will be judged both by the homeless people and by a professional, who will evaluate the nutritional and culinary quality of the meals.

“The thought is to let the homeless people taste each course. They get a voting paper with the courses, and we then encourage the homeless people to vote for their favourite. From the votes of the homeless people – and the judgement of the professional – a winner among the groups of students will be elected,” Sofie Kongsgaard explains, and she guarantees that, afterwards, the recipes will be collected in a cookbook to inspire shelters and care centres for homeless people.

In connection with the final thesis and the event at Ørsted Parken, Trine Dahl Jensen and Sofie Kongsgaard have produced this short film about food and homelessness.

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