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Report on Homeless Migrants in Copenhagen

Homeless migrants have few rights, just as this is a group of homeless people about which very little documented knowledge exists. This report describes the experiences Fonden projekt UDENFOR has had in relation to homeless migrants, som that – hopefully – it can contribute to qualifying the future social work.


On 16th February 2016, a conference will be held at the European Parliament called – ”Homelessness among mobile EU-citizens” The conference is a cooperation between two members of the European Parliament and FEANTSA, the European umbrella...

Is Punishment a Way Out of Poverty?

Beggars should be punished harder than they are today - if it was up to the Government. Unreasonably harder - in our opinion! The asylum package recently put forward by the Government,  suggests 'tightening up the conditions of asylum and access to...

large part of the homeless youth are minorities and socially expelled persons

Young people with immigrant background, mental illness, substance abuse problems, neglect as well as short or no education at all count for a large part of the increasing number of young homeless. This is the case both in Denmark and the rest of Europe, projekt UDENFOR has learned working with young homeless people.

projekt UDENFOR presents ideas for Pan-European co-operation relating to homeless migrants in an international magazine.

In the spring issue of Feantsa's magazine: Homeless in Europe, Projekt UDENFOR proclaimed a series of ideas for a potential new Pan-European project initiated by Projekt UDENFOR.

Conference to Pave the Way for Knowledge on Migration

The worldwide organisation PICUM whose field of work is migration has invited projekt UDENFOR to participate in and give a presentation at a conference on homeless migrants in Europe Friday, 28th June

Dying in the cold, a tale about homeless foreigners

At February 8th 2011, 5 pm, the BBC Radio 4 transmitted a 30 minute long broadcast entitled “Europe driving on the right”. The right-wing turn in Scandinavian and especially Danish politics has been put under the scope and depicts the struggle of minimising immigration.

New report from projekt UDENFOR describes foreign homeless, their problems and needs

Homeless migrants should have the right to get their basic needs covered. Failing to fulfil these social and health needs is inhumane. This could be a place to sleep at night, access to food and counselling and a place to stay when they are ill. These are some of the recommendations brought forward by a new report issued by project UDENFOR on behalf of the social services of the Municipality of Copenhagen. A report supplies knowledge so far unknown on the basis of analyses.

New study on Eastern European homeless

New study from Kofoed’s School offers an insight into the reasons why job-seeking Eastern Europeans end up as homeless in the streets of Denmark.

projekt UDENFOR (project OUTSIDE) is happy that homeless migrants are being discussed on a conference about the homeless strategy

So far discussions and solutions in connection to the increasing number of homeless migrants, who live on the street in Denmark, has been met with a wall of silence by the politicians. This silence was, however, breached during yesterday’s conference on the homeless strategy, projekt UDENFOR is pleased to say