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I shall never quite understand what it is like to live on the street

"I have more than eight years of experience from working with people who suffer homelessness. I have established countless relations, listened to endless numbers of life stories and often from the sidelines watched a merciless downfall from alcohol and substance abuse. I have followed several persons during their later years and have buried a few. But despite the harsh insight it still doesn´t give me the right to say that I know what life as a homeless person is like." Justine Mitchell, manager at Hug & Food

Report from a Night duty

The night between Thursday and Friday, two of our street-based workers were on night duty. We do that on a continuous basis to help the people on the streets and to get a perspective on who are sleeping rough. The purpose is always to see whether the...

At least 80 rough sleepers in Copenhagen on a random night in week 6, 2016

The night between Thursday and Friday last week, 14 staff members of the homeless organisation projekt UDENFOR and the homeless unit of the City of Copenhagen took to the streets. The purpose was to look for and count how many people had to sleep...

projekt UDENFOR counted 196 roughsleepers

projekt UDENFOR, the municipality of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg counted 196 roughsleepers a night in september.

Extracts from Night Duty: Night Watchmen on the Trains

As perhaps some of the few, projekt UDENFOR’s street-based workers report on Facebook during their night duty. In addition, as some of the few players in the homeless area in the urban space at night, we have a unique possibility to report on both atmosphere and knowledge of homeless behaviour and special needs, which invoke our attention at night.