An increasing number of women are rendered homeless

The national survey on homelessness in Denmark 2017 from VIVE (The Danish Centre for Applied Social Science) shows a continued growth of homelessness among women. After some years of a stable count of round 22% the proportion of women has, in the...

Women who are exposed to violence risk becoming homeless

Homelessness is often the result of an interplay between several factors, of which violence is just one of many risk factors. Violence multiplies a woman's risk of falling into homelessness because violence typically starts a chain reaction in many other areas of life, which may lead to exclusion and homelessness.

Buy the Poster from the Seminar on Homeless Women

Many people have asked us whether it is possible to buy the poster from the seminar on 12th May: ’Women on the Bottom of Denmark - When Vulnerability has a Gender’. Now you can purchase the poster in A3 size (30x42 cm) at DKK 50. Send a mail and...

Seminar: Women at Rock-Bottom of Denmark – Homelessness with a Gender

On 12th May is the date of projekt UDENFOR's seminar on homeless women. Meet a street-based worker, a head of institution and an artist, all contributing to the seminar. Ida Devald Ida Devald is a social worker and member of the street-based...

SEMINAR – projekt UDENFOR focuses on the conditions of homeless women

Thursday, 12th May 2016 from 9.00 to 12.00 On the occasion of the International Womens' Conference Women Deliver this year in Copenhagen, projekt UDENFOR sends out invitations to a seminar with introductions and debate about the conditions of...

LivetSomSenior (LifeAsSenior) Donates Sanitary Towels to projekt UDENFOR and the Homeless Women on the Streets

Homeless women have other and more needs than homeless men. Some menstruate and need protection. They do not ask for help themselves and we know from experience that, due to shortage and lacking access to menstrual protection, they use towels and tampons longer than health related justifiable.

Campaign spot to bring focus to the causes of and person behind homelessness

Mette is the main character in the latest campaign spot for projekt UDENFOR. From today, Monday April 15th, and two weeks ahead, the campaign will set focus on the person behind and the causes of homelessness

Exposed women are more exposed

We need to give more attention to the minority of homeless women, who use the Danish institutions for the homeless. The women constantly have to deal with a risk of sexual assaults from male users.