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a home outside – exhibition at aros

In August around 12 young homeless people are participating in the art project A home OUTSIDE, which is a collaborative project between projekt UDENFOR, the artists Jens Haaning and Mikkel Carl and the museum ARoS in Aarhus. The project consists of...

An increasing number of women are rendered homeless

The national survey on homelessness in Denmark 2017 from VIVE (The Danish Centre for Applied Social Science) shows a continued growth of homelessness among women. After some years of a stable count of round 22% the proportion of women has, in the...

Preben Brandt´s page: ’Poverty homelessness'

Through the past decades, it has constantly been the residing Minister for Employment who has been in charge of the part of the social policy, which has included social benefits. Therefore it has been stated over and over again that working should pay off.

Thoughts subsequent to reading the SFI report 15:41, December 2015: ”Family Background and Social Marginalisation in Denmark”.

By Preben Brandt, January 2016 Not for a second you should doubt that it is important knowing the entire life story of a human being in order to understands its circumstances of living. Therefore, the research forming the background of this SFI...

Politicians and People will help young people out of homelessness

We must help young people out of homelessness. This is the answer of 80 percent of the Danish people and a large majority of the National Parliament of Denmark 2 new surveys show. The people of projekt UDENFOR welcomes the positive announcement and has a reform proposal ready.

projekt UDENFOR: Homeless Reforms to Abolish Youth Homelessness

Possible sanctioning of local authorities and rebellion against placement in hostels is to get young people out of homelessness. Such is the appeal to the politicians from the homeless organisation projekt UDENFOR who has formulated a number of suggestions for a homeless reform.

Preben Brandt debates in danish newspaper

"It Just Does Not Work," he concludes

large part of the homeless youth are minorities and socially expelled persons

Young people with immigrant background, mental illness, substance abuse problems, neglect as well as short or no education at all count for a large part of the increasing number of young homeless. This is the case both in Denmark and the rest of Europe, projekt UDENFOR has learned working with young homeless people.

90 percent of the homeless people under § 110 scheme wanting housing of their own, should enhance cheaper housing and involvement

A very recent survey among the users of the § 110 type of accommodations, made by SFI – The Danish National Centre for Social Research shows that most homeless have a wish having their own housing.

projekt UDENFOR in the newspaper ’Kristelig Dagblad’: We owe it to the homeless youth to lend a helping hand

Homeless is something complex, reaching far beyond not having a place to live. The young people, who the two feature writers of today have met, are typically fighting overlapping issues, including drug abuse, mental vulnerability and general mistrust of the outside world. This group of young people needs much more help.

Taking the early morning train to spot a young homeless

One of our people on street level, Anne Kirkegaard, got up very early today to catch a couple of early morning trains in the hope of meeting a certain vulnerable, young homeless man.

projekt UDENFOR is in Budapest for a seminar on homeless youth

projekt UDENFOR is currently participating in the international seminar `Preventing and adressing youth homelessness through human rights´ in Budapest.

Food, Music and Debate at the Users’ Bazaar 2013

Current and former homeless, politicians and a variety of different organisations was gathered in Kongens Have for what almost seemed like a festival for the homeless with debates, food, music and a welcoming atmosphere where people could meet and mingle.