Taking the early morning train to spot a young homeless

Sidste nyt

One of our people on street level, Anne Kirkegaard, got up very early today to catch a couple of early morning trains in the hope of meeting a certain vulnerable, young homeless man.

A couple of days ago, a concerned train conductor called Anne Kirkegaard, staffer on street level in projekt UDENFOR’s youth project. Several times in the past, the conductor had seen a certain young man taking the very early morning trains on a specific stretch. He expressed his concern about the condition of the man and described him as young, vulnerable and homeless.

Consequently, Anne Kirkegaard got up at 4 a.m. to catch a couple of the very early morning trains in the hope of spotting the young man.

Unfortunately, Anne had, this time, to return to projekt UDENFOR without having spotted the young man.

”It won’t be my last time trying,” says Anne optimistically and assures us that she is adamant at finding some other time in the early hours.

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