The IT project nominated as the voluntary, digital initiative of the year

Sidste nyt

The Danish Agency for Digitalisation has just announced that projekt UDENFOR are among the five nominees to the voluntary, digital initiative of the year-award for the IT project – social work with homeless and IT. These news pleases professional leader and deputy manager of projekt UDENFOR, Bibi Agger, very much. Already in 2012, at the start of the project, she realised that the fine mesh of the social safety net was not sufficient as far as homeless citizens are concerned.

“We are, of course, very pleased to be nominated as one of five possible candidates to receive this award. It is positive that, in later years, the attention on some of the challenges to socially vulnerable people in connection with the increased digitalisation has increased, but it is still very much necessary for people of authority and others to meet the vulnerable citizens where they are and take their situation as their starting point instead of persistently emptying the work close to home of human contact.”

The excitement will be released at a prize gala on 19th November.


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