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Warning – Social Security Cap and Homelessness

The new social security cap has been carried by a majority of the Danish parliament and thus it has deliberately been decided that more people will become poor.

Most homeless people will not be affected, but it is to be expected that an increasing number of people will be evicted from their homes. Some will become homeless.

Will this mean that we will see more rough sleepers? Hardly, in our experience. Certainly not an exploding figure. Most of those effected have a network of friends and family offering temporary shelter. The local authorities will be helping others.

Among those who claim social security with the most social and mental issues, and who are living within a weak network, some will have to turn to shelters for homeless people.

Most will manage to hold on to some sort of housing for a while, but if the financial cutbacks continue, more and more will slip through the net. The number of homeless in shelters and on the streets will increase to be seen and felt for the next four or five years.

A large number of poverty homeless will become a reality.

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