bilindretning og hånd med madModulsystem og Tabita

Last week, projekt UDENFOR’s Mobile Café received a donation from the company Modul-System HH A/S . This has equipped the Mobile Café so that it is top-tuned and ready for delivering food to the homeless people of Copenhagen.

”We did not doubt that we could make a difference here and contribute to bring homelessness into focus as an important issue in Denmark” says Lennart Nielsen, Sales Manager of Modul-System HH A/S, and adds that the approach from projekt UDENFOR is a very good opportunity of showing potential customers how Modul-System HH A/S can contribute to making a mobile working day both easier and more comfortable.

The vehicle is fitted out so that there is room for food, disposable tableware as well as clothes and sleeping bags for the homeless.

”It is a donation which will make a pivotal difference to our volunteers’ working environment as the design of the interior of the vehicle takes into account work height and routines in connection with the serving of food. And additionally we have got work light so that, also on dark winter nights, we can plate the food well” says Tabita Nyberg Petersen, the coordinator of the volunteers of the Mobile Café.

On the first trip with the newly fitted vehicle, the menu held fried rice with chicken, and the volunteers were delighted with the new fittings.

” Yippee – everything is working perfectly, we even have light in the drawers and we can easily roll out the food when serving it” the volunteers of the Mobile Café says.